ceo“SSE is investing around £4million a day in new energy infrastructure throughout the UK.”

“We’re committed to ensuring that real economic and social benefits flow to local businesses and communities as a result of this investment.”

“We achieve this in a number of ways, but our Open4Business portal is a critical part of our approach for creating the strongest possible local supply chain.  Quite simply, if local companies want a share of the money we are spending on new projects in their area, Open4Business is the best route to get it.”

“But Open4Business is about more than just ensuring local companies get their share of contracts, it is about helping build skills and capabilities that ensure local businesses continue to grow and bring sustainable long term benefits to their area. ”

“The Highlands and Islands was a natural place for SSE to begin this approach, given its long history in the region and the scale of new investment it is making there. The portal has already shown how effective this approach can be, and our intention is that it should grow and develop to become a strong tool that has a lasting positive impact on businesses throughout the area.”

Alistair Phillips-Davies

Chief Executive, SSE