The O4B H&I Initiative

HIE has a significant role to play in contributing to the economic and sustainable development of the communities and supply chain operating within the Highlands and Islands. To help achieve this goal, HIE has taken ownership of the Open4Business Highlands and Islands (O4B H&I) initiative, contracting Inverness Chamber of Commerce to operate and manage the portal.

O4B H&I will facilitate trade and engagement between large Project Developers, Tier 1 and 2 organisations and local suppliers and service providers in the Highlands and Islands. It will provide a platform for large organisations to promote contracting opportunities originating in the region, and will allow local suppliers to view opportunities, register as a supplier and respond to notices – free of charge. Users of the site can also use the portal to advertise their own opportunities to the local supplier base (e.g. sub-contracting). Through O4B H&I, HIE is committed to achieving the highest levels of local supply chain content in major regional projects and maximising the benefits to the Highlands and Islands.

Quite simply, O4B H&I is the primary advertising platform for local businesses to be made aware of supply chain opportunities within the Highlands and Islands region, cover key sectors such as: Energy, Construction, Aquaculture and Life Sciences.